Life is all about understanding actually. I have realized so many things in last 20 years. I have realized that people will judge you as per their understanding only. Your words, thought process may put some effects on them for a certain time but ultimately their understanding towards you will obviously depends upon their own realization and thought process. I am giving a simple examples here from our daily lives which is the most appropriate one.

  • In Love, when two people are engage, the first stage of this engagement is always very happily understandable. Then we think that REALLY MY PARTNER IS SO MUCH UNDERSTANDABLE. Listening the words of each other and try to feel their expression is the prior things in life but as the days go on, we suddenly start realize that there are huge gap between our mentality and ultimately that day comes when we start living under one roof and it can be marriage or living together. But the starting of the adjustment.
  • In friendship, When we are in early ages, our common time are same as our school time was same, our playing time was same, our study time was time and our free time was also same. But gradually our engagement towards the life changes and we become busy in job, business and family matters and then our common schedule never matches. Out standard of living changes with the time, think process towards life changes from various point of view and ultimately we loose those precious time and moment what we shared once with our friends.

So in this auspicious occasion of Bengali New Year, I wish everybody around us will understand each other in a broader perspective and will try to understand others problem and engagement towards the life in a better way. ‘Life is nothing but an empty canvas’. Its upto you that how you will feel it with what colour and how much colour. ‘Life is nothing but a drama to be alive’. Its upto us that how we will make this performance a real happening of life. We all should get success in our life from this point of view first and then rest will be decided.

A very old song, one of my favorite song is for you friends:

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