Another one has gone and we are going to welcome a new one. Yes, like this way the year passes with our life. Sometimes the years are remembered for its cruelty and sometimes for its happiness. But when we start to think about our earnings and loss from a particular year then comes the question of its productivity. The question comes that what good we have done in the last 365 days and what bad we want to rectify in the next year and in that line people think about resolution. We take resolution not to do something which are bad for us or for our surroundings. But why we can’t take resolution for any single bad we have done. Why can’t we take some resolution to do a little for our surroundings. In my small experience i saw that people take resolution of quit something or practice something for the reason of health or something for own. Can we take some resolution to help those distress who are still struggling in this cold? Can we take  some resolution to help those who are leaving their education for the sake of poverty or who are not been able to have a bowl of rice to live further. We can take a resolution in this 31st December to make their New Year a Real Happy New Year ahead.