It was a long time, I visited zoo for the last time and last Sunday i visited it again to fulfill the desire of my little angel Diotima. She is 2.5 years old and she was interested to see the real tigers, lions, elephants and other animals which she generally sees in the discovery channel. Though it was her desire to visit zoo but we all just enjoyed the whole day with full of joy with some home made food like ‘Ruti’ and ‘Aloodom’ and sweets. Starting from Zebra we ended with birds, my little lady has seen all the animals whatever she had seen in her nursery books and other television channels.

Some Glimpses of the day:

7 years old Raja and 15 years old Payel were the main attraction to the visitor

Diotima was surprised after seeing the long neck of Giraffe and the black and white combination of Zebra.

The cat fish was giving some pose to shoot something good. The Rhyno and Hyppo was taking some nap in the sunny winter morning and black beer was playing his own to entertain the visitor.

Some special species of tortoise and Indian monitor lizard


Some clicks on birds were just awesome to see them flying within their area.


And the lunch time

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